Alexandria Serra Traffic Ticket Lawyer El Paso TX


Lawyer Alexandria Serra handles it for you.

She will keep you up to date as the status of your case changes.

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Any Moving Violation

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Alexandria Serra Traffic Ticket Lawyer El Paso TX

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Lawyer Alexandria Serra handles it for you.

She will keep you up to date as the status of your case changes.

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Any Moving Violation

Failure to Appear in Court

Class C Misdemeanors

Warrant Removal







Don’t plead guilty. Don’t spend time in jail working off those warrants. Hire us today!


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Do you have a traffic ticket in El Paso Texas and don’t know what to do? Call us! Alexandria Serra manages all types of El Paso Municipal moving violations and speeding tickets. She also handles Justice of the Peace tickets and Class C misdemeanors, as well as Socorro Municipal citations. Let her go to court for you. Her modern approach to traffic tickets gives you back your time and keeps money in your pocket!








If you have more serious issues related to a traffic stop or illegal items found during a search of your vehicle, Lawyer Alexandria Serra can help!


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Ms. Serra handles municipal traffic tickets issued by officers from the El Paso Police Department.  Citations issued by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 are also covered.  Citations in Justice of the Peace Precincts 1, 2, 4, 6-1, 6-2 and 7 require an additional fee.

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Traffic warrants in El Paso Texas can cost you hundreds. Ms. Serra helps get those warrants recalled so that you can keep driving without risking jail time.  Typically, warrants can be removed within 24-48 hours.  The best part about warrant recall is that in many cases, you can still fight that ticket!  Get a lawyer on your side and never miss court again.



Snap it and forget it

If you’re a member and receive a traffic citation, just snap a picture of your ticket and send it our way.  No hassle, no payment, no problems.  Ms. Serra appears in court for you, update the status of your citation, and let you know when the case is taken care of.

Have a lawyer in your pocket

For the little stuff (and the big stuff), it always helps to have a relationship with an attorney.  Be protected with your pocket lawyer. 

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Stay informed

Is El Paso PD setting up a weekend checkpoint?  Construction or backups?  The app has a feature to send out notifications for speed traps, checkpoints, or just general traffic info.

take care of YOUR TICKET

Skip the steps of finding a lawyer, calling an office, and driving downtown for payment. Ms. Serra’s modern approach to traffic ticket representation gives you a lawyer in one easy step from anywhere you live.  

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Why not just pay my ticket and be done with it?

Paying your ticket means a conviction.  That conviction stays on your record for three years.  If you get too many convictions, your license can be suspended, or you may have to pay surcharges on top of the cost of the citation.

Hiring Ms. Serra is a fraction of the cost of paying even the most basic traffic citation.

Should I hire a traffic ticket attorney?

Absolutely!  You never have to go to court, miss work, or worry about pleading your case. Ms. Serra takes care of everything for you.  Just snap your ticket and forget it!

Going it on your own isn’t worth the headache.  Let her handle the hassle for you.  Her services are a fraction of the cost of paying for your ticket.

Will my ticket get dismissed?

In a majority of the cases, probably!  However, each case is different and we cannot guarantee a dismissal.  Ms. Serra can guarantee that you will be in a better position than if you were to just pay your ticket or your money back!

She can negotiate lower fines, deferred adjudication, defensive driving, or community service instead of paying your fines.

How does a ticket affect my driving record?

A traffic conviction can have lasting effects on your driving record. If you pay a fine (i.e., plead guilty), you get what’s called points on your driving record.   Those points remain on your driving record for three years and put you on the path to paying surchargesfrom the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).  A surcharge is an administrative fee charged by DPS to a driver, based on the number of points she has on her record.  Once DPS has you on their radar, you’ll have to pay those surcharges as long as you have six or more points on your driving record.  In some cases, your license might get suspended. 

What do I do if I missed my court date?

Call us immediately. Usually, the courts give you a short grace period to reset your hearing.  If you are outside this grace period, the court will likely issue a warrant for Failure to Appear (FTA).  You’ll not only have to pay the ticket, but you’ll also have to deal with this new charge on your record.

I’ve got a warrant, what does that mean?

Traffic courts issue warrants when you either: (1) miss court or (2) fail to comply with court orders. It’s easy to miss traffic court, so don’t be too hard on yourself.  Notices are mailed to your last known address.  If you’ve moved, you won’t get the notice.

If you were supposed to do community service or provide the court documentation but did not do it before the deadline, you might get a warrant.

Ms. Serra can get warrants lifted in 24-48 hours.  Don’t waste your hard-earned money paying your bond.

Will my license be suspended?

If you have a traffic citation and hire a traffic ticket attorney quickly, no!

If you are arrested for DWI, probably.  Depending on a number of factors surrounding your arrest, your age, and your criminal record, your license could be suspended for 90 days up to two years.

If this is your first DWI, you will keep your license for 40 days before the suspension takes effect. Even if your license is suspended, you may be eligible for an occupational driver’s license.  Ms. Serra can apply for one for you!

Within 15 days of your arrest, you can request an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing to challenge your license suspension.  At that hearing, the arresting officer must show up and testify to establish facts supporting your arrest.  Some clients avoid license suspension by having such hearings.  You should hire an experienced DWI attorney to put you in the best position to prevail at an ALR hearing.

I’ve got so many tickets with warrants, shouldn’t I just serve time in jail?

No way!  While the judge will most likely time-serve you, each guilty plea results in a conviction and points on your driving record. Jail is never the answer, no matter how many tickets you have.

Ms. Serra can get warrants lifted in 24-48 hours.

I got a DWI, what happens next?

The magistrate judge will read you your rights and you will be booked into jail.  After you bond out, your first priority should be to hire a DWI attorney!

You will be facing some, if not all, of the following:

  1. license suspension (immediately or after 40 days)
  2. court ordered installation of the ignition interlock machine or home breathalyzer unit ($$$$)
  3. fines up to $4,000 plus court costs
  4. up to a year in the county jail for a misdemeanor, or prison time for a felony
  5. DPS surcharges if convicted
  6. probation conditions, curfew, fines, fees, and classes

DWIs are serious business in Texas.  Don’t go it alone.

What’s this “defensive driving” thing?

Defensive driving is traffic school.  The course covers various driving techniques designed to help you avoid hazards and anticipate them before they occur. 

Defensive driving may be a way to get a ticket dismissed or lower your insurance premiums.  Most courts allow a driver to take defensive driving online, order their driving record, and submit proof of defensive driving to the court.  Each of these things costs you cash and time. 

You usually get only one shot at defensive driving within a certain period.  First time offenders may be offered defensive driving.  However, defensive driving is not offered to people who get multiple tickets within a set time frame, unless you hire a traffic ticket attorney to help!

What People Are Saying…

“This is my go-to lawyer anytime I get a ticket. I just scan it in or take a picture and text it to her and she takes care of it. I know she’s an amazing criminal defense attorney also but I hope I never have to use her. I’ve had friends that have used her for other more serious cases and they’ve been nothing but pleased with her services.” 


“Ms. Serra is an amazing attorney. She was always available whenever I had questions or needed clarification on any aspect of the case. She made me feel completely comfortable and secure in any outcome and they were always positive. She is such a hard worker and an amazing person to work with. I will always recommend her for any legal needs.”


“Alexandria Serra is by far the best! She works tirelessly for her clients and never hesitates in going the extra mile. She is compassionate and genuinely has her clients best interest at heart. Alexandria lets no questions go unanswered and communicates every detail necessary. There is no one I would trust more.”


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