So . .  . you’ve been pulled over for a traffic violation.

After unsuccessfully trying to talk yourself out of it, you feel defeated, with citation in hand wondering how you’re going to get off work to make your first court date.  You’re probably already late for whatever you were rushing to, and you most certainly don’t want to hand over your hard-earned cash to pay a traffic ticket.


Paying your traffic ticket doesn’t make sense for three reasons.

1. You’ll pay more.

The math just doesn’t add up.  Why would you pay hundreds of dollars in fines and court costs when you can get a traffic ticket lawyer for a fraction of the cost?

You can hire TrafficTickets915 for as little as $39 per ticket.

Want to go it alone?  Ok.  You might be thinking, “I don’t need a lawyer, what if I challenge it myself?”  Sure, that’s one option!  We here at TrafficTickets915 would rather teach you how to challenge the citation yourself than see you pay for it!

But think about the cost of your time.  Will you have to miss work?  School?  Important activities?  Traffic court doesn’t cater to your schedule.  Sometimes traffic tickets have 2, 3, or 4 different court dates before they are taken care of.  If you hire a traffic ticket attorney, you never have to set foot in court.  No wasted time.  No stress.

Still ready to raise hell at muni?  We applaud you!  But one last word of warning.

Think about this: a critical part of finding you guilty of a traffic ticket requires the police officer to remember the citation.  Do you think you’re better off representing yourself, face-to-face with the officer, or through your attorney?  Your face might jog his memory!  The truth is with traffic tickets, you want to be just another face in the crowd.

If your ticket does not get dismissed when you represent yourself, you’ll be on the hook for court costs in addition to the fine on the citation.

A traffic ticket lawyer knows how to negotiate lower fines, remove some of the costs and fees, or have you doing community service instead of forking over your money.

Let’s say that you pled guilty and promised to pay the fine but never did.  Or maybe you missed court because you moved and never got notice. Now you have a warrant for your arrest, you’ve been slapped with late charges, and if you’re pulled over again, you’re going to jail.


A traffic ticket lawyer can get those warrants lifted.  She can also ask the judge to extend the time you have to pay, remove the late fees, or make a case for a lower fine.  Much better than going to jail, right?  Much cheaper too.



2. Convictions hurt you.


Fines, surcharges, and suspensions, oh my!

We’re all familiar with the fines associated with traffic tickets.  Violating the law costs you money.  But you may not be familiar with the other charges associated with traffic tickets.

When you get a traffic ticket and plead guilty (i.e., pay that fine), you get a conviction.  Each traffic conviction that doesn’t involve an accident is 2 points on your driving record.  A conviction involving an accident is 3 points.  Once you get six points, you start paying surcharges to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to keep your license.  If you don’t pay, you lose your license.  Certain types of offenses also come with their own special charges. You can read about points and surcharges in detail in my other post, here [LINK TO POST].

Don’t be surprised if out of state traffic violations pop up on your record and lead to surcharges. Out-of-state traffic convictions count the same way they do in Texas – 2 points if no accident, 3 points with an accident.

Your license may be suspended based on the number of or type of convictions you have.  if you have 4 or more convictions for moving violations within 12 months or 7 or more within 24 months, say goodbye to your license.  For DWI or other types of convictions, you license will be automatically suspended.

Once your license is suspended, you’ll have those surcharges plus you’ll have to pay a reinstatement fee.  You can always challenge your suspension if you catch it early enough and we suggest you do so! But wouldn’t it be better not to have this problem in the first place?

The fines, surcharges, and possibly reinstatement fees make it incredibly expensive to drive.  But what about insurance?  Driver’s must maintain financial responsibility in Texas or risk yet another traffic citation.  Traffic convictions affect your ability to afford auto insurance.  Even one 2-point assessment (i.e., conviction) can result in higher rates.


3. Your chances are good in court.

Red light violations, accidents, speeding . . . it doesn’t matter!

A good percentage of the time, police officers do not remember issuing your citation.  If an officer doesn’t remember, your case gets dismissed.  If the ticket has the wrong address, the case gets dismissed.

But even if the officer remembers, prosecuting attorneys are willing to offer us better deals for our clients.  For example, you might end up with a reduced fine, deferred adjudication, or community service instead of payment.  Even if this isn’t your first ticket, by fighting it, you might get a second, third, or fourth chance at defensive driving for dismissal!

Overall, traffic court judges aren’t out to get you.  They’re kind and polite.  They understand that a traffic violation isn’t the end of the world.  Even if you choose to fight it yourself, your chances are good for a favorable result.

Don’t pay that ticket!!


It’s always best to obey traffic laws and drive safety.  But sometimes, for whatever reason, that doesn’t happen.  You’re not alone!  El Paso police officers write thousands of citations per month.  Unfortunately, many El Pasoans don’t truly understand the consequences of a traffic conviction.


If you’re a frequent flyer – driving a fast car with a lead foot, for example – consider our monthly membership plan.  With our membership plan, all traffic tickets and warrants are taken care of, whether it’s 1 or 100.  Just snap that ticket with your phone and send it to our office.*


*TrafficTickets915 covers all El Paso municipal citations and tickets out of JP-3.  Additional costs apply to tickets in other municipal or Justice of the Peace courts.